Grant of options

10 February 2017


Arian Silver Corporation (“Arian Silver” or the “Company”) reports today that, further to its 6 February 2017 statement regarding the adoption of and award under the Company’s share option plan, a further grant of an aggregate of 2,250,000 share options over Common Shares has been approved to certain key personnel including the awards to the directors listed below, exercisable at a price of £0.01 until 9 February 2022 and vesting immediately.

The grant of options includes awards made to the following directors:

Name of DirectorNumber of options
T. A Bailey500,000
J. S. Cable500,000
J.A. Crombie500,000

Messrs Bailey, Cable and Crombie have the following interests in Common Shares:

DirectorNo. Common Shares% of issued capital
T. A. Bailey1,314,2260.72%
J.S. Cable0.00%
J.A. Crombie566,6650.31%
DirectorNo. Share WarrantsExercise PriceExpiry Date
T. A. Bailey1,314,226£0.01527 February 2019
J.S Cable
J. A. Crombie416,665£0.01527 February 2019

Following the grant of share options, Messrs Bailey, Cable and Crombie have the following interests in share options in the Company:

DirectorNo. OptionsExercise PriceExpiry Date
T.A. Bailey25,000
29 May 2018
9 February 2022
J. S. Cable25,000
29 May 2018
2 February 2022
J.A. Crombie25,000
29 May 2018
2 February 2022

This announcement contains inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of Regulation (EU) 596/2014.

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