ESG Statement

At Alien Metals sustainability is both integral and essential to our corporate strategy and all of our stakeholders. We are proud of the positive contributions we have made to the local communities through our operations, be that through training and employment opportunities, the building of infrastructure, socio-economic development for host communities, or the delivery of tax and royalties to host governments.

We understand the importance of our host communities and employees at our operations, and we are committed to delivering value to both, which, in turn, ensures that we can continue to deliver value to all stakeholders and returns to shareholders. It is also our commitment to act responsibly as a business and as individuals, something that is reflected in the Company’s strategy, values and philosophy. These guide our decisions and the way we conduct our business as we strive towards compliance with the best practiced international standards.

We engage with our stakeholders in a fair, open, informed and transparent manner and regularly review and report on progress and ensure that all of our policies remain relevant to the needs of all of our stakeholders.

It is our commitment to adhere to leading global standards of good practice and the laws of the regions in which our projects are located, in the areas of health and safety, employees, community, environment and governance. These are outlined by the three ESG pillars we use to forge a sustainable future.


The Company’s vision is to be a responsible caretaker of the environment in which we operate and to minimise climate risk, by implementing environmental management plans for exploration responsible and efficient exploration and extraction, operational emissions reduction, and environmental rehabilitation.


Developing mutually beneficial relationships with local communities is vital to long-term success. This is achieved through the fostering of strong relationships with our host communities, and initiatives that support gender and Indigenous groups inclusion.


The Company adheres to the highest levels of corporate governance and continues to implement sustainable frameworks to maintain transparent communication with all of our stakeholders.