Munni Munni North ELA 47/4422

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Project Overview

Elizabeth Hill is historically one of Australia’s highest grade silver mines and has produced over one million ounces at an average of 2,195 g/t Ag (70.24 Oz/t Ag) from an initial resource of just over four million ounces. The deposit was also unique for the exceptional native silver nuggets including, as previously reported, a single 180 Kg nugget. Mining ceased in 2000 due to a depressed silver price and a fall out between the JV partners East Coast Minerals and Legend Mining hence the remaining considerable untapped resource.

Alien conditionally acquired a substantial new exploration licence Munni Munni North ELA 47/4422 that surrounds the Elizabeth Hill Silver project.

Munni Munni North is a 117km2 tenement which wraps around the Elizabeth Hill mine on all sides including a large part of the Munni Munni intrusive complex to the south and southwest. The highly prospective Munni Munni fault strikes north south through the tenement and into the Elizabeth Hill ML on which the Elizabeth Hill deposit is associated with. This structure also appears to be associated with the Munni Munni East prospect and remains to be fully tested for further significant mineralisation which the Company is looking forward to doing.

There are certain existing mining licences that will be excised from the overall tenement once finalisation of the tenement outline is completed however there will remain numerous highly prospective targets to explore as well as areas to date not tested either.

ProjectELA 47/4422
LocationPilbara, Western Australia
Deposit StyleRemobilised hydrothermal Ni–Cu ± Ag ± PGE system
Key AttributesNumerous Ag/Cu/Ni/PGE anomalies over prospective geology
Asset StageExploration
Next Phase of WorkData review, local and regional trenching and target generation
Deal PartnerAvailable
Deal TermsTBC

The geology of ELA 47/4422 partly covers areas of the lower part of the Munni Munni Intrusive Complex, at the contact of a basalt and ultramafic sequence hosted within two distinct gneisses, the Archean Nallana Formation and granitoid country rocks. The Munni Munni Complex is exposed over a surface area of 8 km by 14 km and has a stratigraphic thickness of over five kilometres. Aeromagnetic and gravity data indicate that the complex continues a further 16 km to the southwest beneath a cover of Proterozoic sediments.

The Complex comprises mainly ultramafic and mafic rock types that exhibit differentiation and layering features. The Elizabeth Hill silver mineralisation is located at the base of the complex, within pyroxenitic sequences immediately overlying basement granites
The Munni Munni fault is a major north-south regional structure with a horizontal displacement in excess of 500 m, along which the Elizabeth Hill Mineralisation has been intersected over only a 100 m north-south zone along the boundary of the fault. There are also several cross-cutting faults and structures that represent excellent trap sites for potential mineralised orebodies.

Numerous prospects are already in evidence within the new licence including:

The license includes the southern extension of the highly prospective fault structures associated with the intrusion, including the Munni Munni fault which controls the mineralisation of the Munni Munni Platinum Group Elements (PGE) project (2.1moz PGE) itself and is related to the Elizabeth Hill Silver Mine mineralisation as well.

The transaction included the acquisition of all available historical technical data including approximately 600 soil samples of which 370 are within the current permit area, where acquired as part of the acquisition of the exploration tenement. The samples have been processed by ALS Global in Perth and have returned anomalous results for nickel (Ni), platinum group elements (PGEs), copper (Cu), gold (Au) and silver (Ag).

Planning for Alien’s geological team to get on ground as soon as possible to commence trenching/costeaning, further mapping is underway. Alien have acquired a new aeromagnetic survey of Munni Munni North this and other data have been used to generate 20 new targets across Munni Munni North and Elizabeth Hill.

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