Iron Ore: Brockman & Hancock Ranges

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Hancock Ranges Iron Ore Project

The Hancock Ranges Iron Ore Project (E47/3954), is within 20kms of the Newman township and borders licences held by Fortescue Metals Group, Hancock Prospecting, BHP Billiton (Mount Whaleback), Hope Downs and Brockman Mining.

The Hancock Ranges tenement was previously explored by Rio Tinto plc, BHP Group plc, and more recently Volta Mining Limited (“Volta”).

Historical work outlined two areas of high-grade iron ore mineralisation: the Sirius Extension Prospect and the Kalgan Prospect. In 2013, Volta undertook reconnaissance mapping and surface rock chip sampling and drilled 4 drill holes for a total of 475m which confirmed an economic strike extension of the Sirius Iron Ore deposit within the tenement. This strike extension is hosted in the Brockman Iron Formation with hole 14SERC004 returning 126m @ 60.28% Fe from surface, with surface sampling further along strike supporting the strike extension.

Votla Mining Drill Cross Section E47/3954 Sirius Extension

Exploration Strategy

A brief site visit in November 2019 as part of a due diligence exercise enabled a few samples to be collected at both BHP19 and BHP20 prospects and over part of the Kalgan prospect with independent laboratory results confirming the Company’s views on the exploration potential of both of these projects.

Alien has compiled all historic data into a core database extracting all relevant information from a series of old reports and maps and combine this with any new regional remote sensing data available.

Alien completed a exploration field program in November 2020, sampling over the known prospects on both tenements fully outlining the surface extent of the mineralised units as well as to add mapping and structural information to look for potential repeat structures and orebodies undiscovered to date.

Broad regional traverses have also be done to test as mentioned above the unchartered areas of the tenements and also to better understand any repeat structures associated with structural controls in the region.

Alien feel that the BHP20 prospect is potentially a drill ready target hence from the model devised finalisation of some scout drilling is also being planned for preparation to drill when access, permission and funding is available.

The exploration field program has also laid the foundations for the ongoing drilling program at the Hancock Range tenement, which is targeting the Kalgan, Sirius extension prospects.


BHP, as part of their much larger regional programme, covered this tenement in the 1960’s and identified two ‘deposits’ from a combination of mapping and surface rock chip sampling. Hence prospect BHP19 and 20 are associated with the Brockman tenement. The average iron content of four rock-chip samples from prospect BHP19 was 62.8% Fe and the average for four samples from prospect BHP20 was 62% Fe.

BHP used generalised outcrop dimensions and average grade of rock-chip sampling to calculate the estimated Fe tonnage per vertical feet, returning equivilant of 300,000 tons per vertical meter over a surface area of 0.12 square kilometers on the BHP20 prospect.

Alien carried out a very brief reconnaissance field visit in November 2019 and were greatly encouraged by the few surface samples that were able to be collected in the conditions and time frame in the Kalgan and Sirius extension prospects with grades similar if not greater than historic sampling.

The tenement is dominated by the Brockman Iron Formation with tertiary alluvial cover is prevalent and covers much of the surface.

Both tenements remains highly underexplored yet already contain significant potential for both hosting economic high grade iron ore deposits.

Alien have postulated an initial model of the dip and strike of the BHP20 target with provisional drill hole locations to test this model. Drilling has recently been carried out by Rio Tinto immediately south of the tenement boundary on the detrital material shed from this mineralised zone.

ProjectBrockman & Hancock Ranges
CommodityIron Ore
LocationPilbara, Western Australia
Deposit StyleClassic Pilbara BIF Iron Ore style
Key AttributesHosts Sirius Deposit Extension, BHP 19 and 20 prospects , the Kalgan Prospect yet still underexplored
Asset StageExploration to initial drilling
Results126m @ 60.28% Fe from hole 14SERC004 (Volta Mining, 2013)
Next Phase of WorkGeological mapping, surface sampling, drilling
Deal PartnerAvailable
Deal TermsTBC

brockman & hancock ranges grade samples 2019

Sample NbrTenementProspectFe (%)P (%)
P592801Hancock RangesSirius Extension62.540.21
P592802Hancock RangesSirius Extension58.410.08
P592803Hancock RangesSirius Extension64.160.13
P592804Hancock RangesKalgan63.90.13
P592805Hancock RangesKalgan49.930.05
P592806Hancock RangesKalgan62.70.16
P592808Brockman Iron‘BHP20’60.270.09
P592809 Brockman Iron‘BHP20’57.980.09
P592810Brockman Iron‘BHP20’57.760.10
P592811Brockman Iron‘BHP20’49.860.09
P592812Brockman Iron‘BHP20’550.15
P592818Brockman Iron‘BHP19’57.50.13
P592819Brockman Iron‘BHP19’58.460.09
P592820Brockman Iron‘BHP19’59.240.08
P592821Brockman Iron‘BHP19’65.430.13
P592822Brockman Iron‘BHP19’64.290.09
P592823Brockman Iron‘BHP19’59.10.07

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