La Africana

The La Africana project is a “brownfield” site approximately 50 kilometres south of the State capital, Zacatecas, and comprises the small-scale and past-producing Africana Mine, and two known veins: the Africana vein and the El Sastre vein.

The Africana vein contains significant zones of high-grade silver mineralisation over respectable widths (up to approximately 5 metres).

Sampling at La Africana has delivered results of up to 824g/t Ag (grab samples) and 1,195g/t Ag (underground sampling). The existing underground workings have been surveyed it appears mining terminated at approximately 50 metres below surface, which coincides with the current water table. Evidence suggests that the mineralisation extends below this level.

Initial sampling also returned 0.55g/t Au, 0.98% Zn, 0.6% Pb and 0.04% Cu.

No significant sampling has yet been undertaken on the El Sastre vein to date.

A future drill programme would be required to enable a compliant mineral resource to be delineated.

The schematic below shows the location of old mine shafts and vein expressions on the surface: