Our economic performance affects all of our stakeholders. We regularly monitor our economic performance, goals and strategies, risk assessment and management, and we regularly review or alter our direction in light of changing circumstances affecting the company.

Direct Economic Contributions

By providing employment and training opportunities and stimulating economic activity, we aim to bring about positive change for our employees, their families, and the communities near our operations. Beyond employment, our operations provide infrastructure enhancements, opportunities for training, health and safety programs for communities, community investment initiatives and local procurement.

Community Investment

Our selection and support criteria for community investments include health, education, employability, infrastructure, environment, sports, culture, and the celebration and preservation of local traditions.

Local Procurement

Sourcing goods and services from local suppliers wherever possible makes good business sense and also contributes to economic benefits for our local communities. We have local procurement procedures for competitive bid processes that all purchase and tender decisions must be based upon; however, all factors being equal, preference is to be awarded to local suppliers and/or contractors.