Corporate Governance

Alien Metals recognises the value and importance of maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and is committed to the principles of corporate governance founded on accountability, leadership and stakeholder management.
Although compliance with the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code is not compulsory for AIM companies, the directors aim to apply its provisions where practical and in relation to the size and stage of development of the Company. The Board is conscious that the corporate governance environment is constantly evolving and the charters and policies under which it operates are regularly reviewed and amended as required.

Alien has a number of properly constituted committees in place, each with formally delegated duties and responsibilities set out in respective Terms of Reference, copies of which can be found below. The Company has also adopted an Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy to ensure compliance with the relevant laws governing anti-corruption and anti-bribery as well as a Share Dealing Code for directors and applicable employees to ensure compliance with AIM Rule 21 and the provisions of the Market Abuse Regulations relating to dealings in the Company’s securities. Copies of both documents can also be found below.